We are proud of our affiliations with the following associations and organizations.


As an integrating partner for many years, Jantz Canada supplies equipment and conveyor systems to Spray Dynamics.


As a Robotics System Partner, Jantz Canada works directly with KUKA to provide customers with products,service and support. With its presence in North America topping 1,500 employees, KUKA is committed to the creating an environment for growth here and worldwide.

Competitive Pricing Advantage KUKA has a competitive cost-to-feature price structure allowing Jantz Canada to offer our customers high value as well as quality.

Customer Service Our technicians are trained by KUKA and have the required skills and experience to meet our customers needs and provide peace of mind.With its customer service organization based in Michigan, spare parts are readily available.

Yaskawa Motoman

Jantz Canada are proud robotic system partners with Yaskawa Motoman.


Jantz Canada are proud robotic system partners with ABB.

Ontario Youth Apprentice Program (OYAP)

Jantz Canada has been working with the Ontario Youth Apprentice Program (OYAP) for many years now and many of our current employees are success stories from this affiliation.

We understand the importance of this initiative which gives students in grade 11 or 12 the opportunity to become registered apprentices through the Cooperative Education program while still completing their high school education. We take the time at Jantz to make sure that every student gets to experience as much diversity as possible while working alongside our expert millwrights.

Learning while working within our facility gives our apprentices unique insight into the food industry and our position as the industry leader of sanitary design. It also provides them with the basis for a seamless transition between school and work life.