Bakery conveyors


Product Overview

Bakery conveying is where business begins at Jantz Canada and we are experts in wide-belt conveying. For more than 25 years Canada has trusted Jantz to keep their products moving. Our expertise covers all areas of the baking industry including cookies, crackers, cakes, pies, and bread. Jantz Canada has been building cooling conveyor systems for bakeries across Canada since before stainless steel was the material of choice in the industry. Telescoping conveyors to feed multiple lines, stacking conveyors, re-pitching conveyors, retract conveyors for quality control/metal detection dumps and water-cooled conveying are just a few of our specialties. Whatever your needs, the design team at Jantz Canada has you covered. 


Bakery Cooling conveyor

Above all else, Jantz Canada is the benchmark for sanitary design in the bakery industry. GMP covers, swing-down catch pans, quick-release belts, easily removed key lock rollers and guards are just some of the features that are offered in all of our bakery conveyor solutions.

Jantz Canada is a food handling specialist. Whether your needs are Bakery, Confectionery, Agricultural, Meat, Poultry, or Seafood we have the experience to provide a superior product. Bring us your challenge and we will develop a solution with your particular needs guiding the process. If your need requires a special design conveyor belt for your bakery production line, Jantz Canada will make sure your needs are met.

Jantz Canada Bakery Conveyor Advantages

We have experience handling a variety of bakery and confectionery products such as:

  • Dough      
  • Bread
  • Cookies
  • Pies
  • Candies

Keeping food safety in mind, our range of custom-built sanitary conveyors is perfect for uses like:

  • Handling bulk goods.
  • Grouping products for the next phase of the production line.
  • Combination of product lines.

 We are one of the leading sanitary conveyor manufacturers in North America. Our sanitary lines are made with quick and simple cleaning in mind, resulting in less downtime for your production lines and higher production rates.  Our great expert team with excellent service is here to help you select the best type of bakery conveyor system for your need.






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