Electric Bin Tipper

Product Overview

Jantz Canada has developed the industry’s benchmark in bin tipping technology. With over a year of research, design, and prototyping, the result is both elegant and able to withstand the demands of daily industrial use.

There are several features that set this bin tipper apart from others on the market. Firstly it is electrically powered not hydraulic. This allows for infinitely fine control throughout the entire dump cycle. This also means the product can be quickly lifted and then slowed for the actual dump portion of the cycle. This is traditionally something that is next to impossible to effectively achieve with hydraulics.

Secondly, the tipper bin is sanitary; there are no lines or pumps to leak oil onto the product or the floor as is always the eventuality of hydraulic systems.

Lastly, the system is built on a platform that is designed for the rigors of a fast-paced industrial facility where bumps and dents from lift truck traffic are inevitable. All of these features are wrapped into a unit that can easily handle 5000 lb dumps, tip to 150 degrees, and cycle in one minute. Dump height is completely variable due to the subframe construction.

All of us at Jantz Canada are very proud of this piece of technology that will set the bar for what a heavy-duty bin tipper should look like both on paper and in action.

Electric Bin Tipper

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