Center-line belt tracker

Product Overview

A Belt tracker is a necessary component of any long or wide conveyor application. The Center-line belt tracker from Jantz Canada is an elegant solution to the age-old problem. Traditionally there are several inherent problems with conventional belt trackers.

  • Most have a bias to one side. This means that the belt is continually oscillating to one side of the conveyor and when the actuator is engaged it moves the belt away for the period it is engaged. This means that the belt is never truly “centered”. It is moving through a range at all times. This design is not optimal for facilities that wish to run products near the belt edge of where the product is transferring from one conveyor to the next.
  • Many belt trackers are proportional. What this means is that the more the belt deflects from its intended path the more dramatic the adjustment from the tracker. The drawback to this design is the length of time it takes to react and get the belt back to the center. In some cases, it is enough for belt damage to occur.
  • Most belt trackers are clunky and noisy. Adding to the overall sound level of a facility is never a desired course of action.

Jantz Canada’s Center-line belt tracker solves all of these problems in a compact zero maintenance package. When running the belt runs so true that it may not even be obvious that the tracker is working at all. It is also very quiet and will not be noticed over plant background noise. It is also not proportionate. As soon as the belt is detected off center, the tracker fully engages quickly correcting it back to position. Lastly and perhaps most importantly, it is zero bias. The belt runs in the neutral position and the tracker will adjust either side as needed quietly and efficiently.

In addition to all the features of the belt tracker, our system includes optical over travel sensors. If for any reason the belt runs outside the expected parameters, the sensors will detect and send a warning signal or if desired stop the conveyor. This is cheap insurance against potential costly conveyor belt repairs.

Trust Jantz Canada to keep your conveyors running true and trouble-free.

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Center-line belt tracker

Center-line belt tracker from Jantz Canada mounted to a wide belt bakery conveyor


Jantz Canada Center-line belt tracker typical bakery installation


Inside view of the Center-line belt tracker showing the mechanical actuator