System solution specialists and material handling experts, the engineering team at Jantz Canada will meet all of your needs whether for a single part or an entire system. One of our strengths lies in our ability to innovate and that innovation comes from the varied backgrounds of our design team. Every member of our team brings a fresh outlook to a project and this allows us to leverage many years of combined knowledge and experience. Our Engineering team are SolidWorks experts with a commitment towards continual growth and learning.

Jantz Canada believes that by always investing in the newest design software and through continuous training we are continually improving our value to our customers. We are sanitary design experts and are continually upgrading our designs to meet with current industry guidelines. Direct feedback from our manufacturing facility to the design team is one of the differences that sets us apart from other firms.

By always adapting to client expectations and staying on the cutting edge of new technology we will remain the firm that supplies quality and customer satisfaction first.

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