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Equipment platforms or machinery platforms are free-standing structures that are temporarily placed inside a facility for easy access to the equipment or machinery. These standing structures are different from mezzanines since they are not considered permanent parts of the facility.

If your manufacturing or food industry is running out of space to safely hold the equipment on the ground, then consider keeping your machines off the ground. Jantz Canada’s equipment platforms are specially designed to meet the unique needs of your industry, providing a safe environment for accommodating a wide range of new equipment and machinery and a flexible solution for any food processing or manufacturing operation.


 With a focus on worker safety and reducing equipment damage, our platforms are custom-made for the food industry or other manufacturing industries. Equipment platforms from Jantz are constructed with:

Guard Rail: Installed around the platform to prevent accidental falls of any equipment and increase worker safety.

Gates: Installed to provide the smooth transfer of machines to and from the equipment platform during maintenance.

Design: Our equipment platforms are made with high-quality stainless steel.

In addition to these features, our heavy equipment platforms are built to be easy to transport and use. They are lightweight, easily assembled, and easily disassembled, making them transferable to many locations.


We custom-manufacture wet washdown platforms for the food industry. This platform is designed for use in areas where water or other liquids are present, especially in food processing or industrial facilities, to avoid contamination. Our stainless steel platforms for food production facilities are made from high-quality steel and feature a non-slip surface to ensure workplace safety. Additionally, it can be easily cleaned to maintain a hygienic work environment.

In addition to our wet washdown platform, we also offer a range of other machinery platforms to meet your needs. Our equipment platform is perfect for general use and can be used with a variety of equipment types. We also offer custom heavy equipment platforms to meet unique requirements, such as those for specialized machinery or unique workspace layouts.


Overall, our heavy equipment platforms are an essential investment for any industry where heavy machinery is used. They provide a stable and safe surface for workers to perform their tasks on while also protecting equipment from damage. We have the expertise and resources to deliver the solutions you need. Our great expert team and excellent service are here to help you choose the custom equipment platform that best fits your needs and ensures the safety of your workers and machinery.

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