Jantz Canada has a 25 year reputation for building the finest food handling machinery available and our new Vertical Bin Tipper is proving to be a welcome innovation in the industry. Leveraging our SR@ED department allows us to continually improve existing product lines and create new technology. We will be showcasing this new system at the Advanced Design and Manufacturing Expo Toronto 2017 from May 16th to 18th. Stop by the Abbey Packaging Booth #1410 to watch a demonstration  as well as get a close up look at one of our clean drive conveyor systems. Our Vertical Bin Tipper takes away the headache of cleaning traditional cleated conveyors and bucket elevators. Cleaning is a simple process of removing the bucket and taking it to the wash area to be hosed down and sanitized. The rest of the elevator simply doesn’t build up debris like conventional systems are prone to. As is the case with most of the food handling machinery produced by Jantz Canada, the remainder of the Vertical Bin Tipper is rated for Nema 4 wash-down.

One of the success stories of this new technology has been Delta Dailyfood in Rigaud, Quebec Canada. The customer came to us looking for a solution for elevating their product up to a scale on a platform. In their case floor space is at a premium so traditional food handling machinery would not have been an option. Occupying a footprint of just 8 square feet for the Vertical Bin Tipper and the external feeder provided Delta Dailyfood with the solution they needed without having to sacrifice factory space. The Vertical Bin Tipper is powered by a quiet timing belt construction and is able to reach platforms of twenty feet in height. It is also available in 2 sizes; .5 cubic feet for meat, candy or other dense products and 3.5 cubic feet for leafy greens or other light weight products. Simple maintenance, Few moving parts and speeds up to 3 cycles per minute are just some of the features of this new system. Delta Dailyfood has been so pleased with the performance that Jantz Canada is currently building a second system to be installed later this year.

Are you thinking of a new system to feed a scale or an upgrade to gain back valuable floor space? Contact us today and learn more about this new technology or inquire about our sanitary mezzanine construction.