According to a recent article in Toronto’s Globe and Mail Newspaper, 2010 saw Ontario add jobs to the manufacturing sector for the first time since 2004. While the automotive sector is still struggling the food manufacturing industry seems to be the exception in this tough economy.

By 2008 the greater Toronto’s labour force in this sector had already eclipsed the automotive industry making it the second largest in North America right behind Los Angeles. Growth during a recession is a sure sign that the business of producing food is indeed thriving and has key account manager Wayne Decou at Jantz Canada excited of the prospects for 2011.

Wayne Decou - Jantz Canada Key Account Manager

“We are seeing a trend of small and medium size manufacturers of food products investing in automation in order to retain or expand their competitive edge” according to Decou. He sees the trend as a natural fit for Jantz Canada since increasing productivity and reducing labour costs are key goals of Jantz’s research and development program.
Much of 2010 was spent developing new products specific to these anticipated needs. “Our robotic palletizing system for example is an easy way for smaller companies to gain ground on the larger manufacturers” says Decou. Jantz Canada are system integration specialists with more than 20 years experience helping companies address their material handling needs whether it be a single conveyor, complete system or maintenance issues, help is just a click away.