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Abrasive or Media Blasting are the general terms used to describe the process of using high-pressure air to propel an abrasive material at a part that is in need of some type of bead-blasting surface conditioning. Using a gun that has a ceramic lined barrel to prolong its life span, the operator directs the stream of air and abrasive at the target in much the same way as in a spray painting process. Often glass bead blasting is generically referred to as sandblasting regardless of the abrasive media used.

Why Choose Glass Bead Blasting?

Glass bead blasting offers significant advantages over other surface preparation methods. Most importantly, this technique is a non-destructive process that does not cause any harm to the structure of the treated material. It can easily remove unwanted material without being damaged.

Bead Blasting Aluminum

Our team of experts has all the experience and knowledge needed when it comes to bead blasting aluminum. Aluminum is usually sensitive to contamination and oxidation, which can affect its appearance and functionality. These imperfections are easily eliminated by our glass blasting procedure, which also restores the glow and ensures a pristine finish.

Uses and Benefits of Bead Blasting:

  • Creating a satin finish Blasting evens out small imperfections and creates a uniform look to the surface of a part.
  • Part deburring The process removes light burrs and sharp edges from a part without affecting it dimensionally. Areas that need to be excluded from the process are easily covered with masking tape.
  • Cleaning and surface preparation Corrosion and other contaminants are easily removed from the surface of a part in many cases restoring it to like new condition.
  • Peening The blasting process creates a thin uniform layer of compressed stress in the part which helps to guard against stress cracks and the formation of corrosion. As a result, the useful lifespan of the part may be increased.


 Utilizing the glass beads blasting process for our abrasive medium, Jantz Canada provides cost-effective ,environmental friendly and  a superior finish on stainless steel and non-ferrous metals. Because mild steel is never introduced into our blasting facility, sanitary guidelines can be met for our food-based clientele. With a booth size of 20’ x 20’ x 10’ high, we can accommodate most large assemblies. Our regular blast media is BT-7 glass oxide which provides an optimal balance between surface finish and cost-effectiveness. 

  • Booth Size: 20’ x 20’ x 10’ high
  • Media Specifications: BT-7 Glass oxide beads, 250-177 Micron, 60-80 US Mesh

Need a Glass Bead Blasting ?

if you need reliable glass bead blasting for aluminum or any other material. We are here to help you. Our expert team, advanced equipment, and commitment make us the excellent choice for all your glass blasting needs.

Get a quote today to discuss your large or small project requirements or learn more about how our glass bead blasting service can benefit you. Trust Jantz Canada’s 35 years of experience to deliver you an outstanding outcome.



glass bead blasting
Glass Bead Blasting

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