Indexing Conveyor

Product Overview

Jantz Canada’s Indexing conveyors are manufactured according to the current sanitary guidelines and provide high production standards for the equipment while ensuring a great user experience.

Indexing conveyors are a crucial component of manufacturing processes in facilities with high rates of production. Indexing conveyors can improve production and efficiency while reducing the margin of error since they offer speed, accuracy, and precision. Depending on the manufacturing environment, Jantz Canada’s indexing conveyors are designed to divide production lines into clearly defined phases for optimal performance and control.

Our Indexing conveyors are easy to use and can modify according to the customer’s needs. Manual packaging using manpower takes hours to finish an order whereas our custom indexing conveyors help you to maximize your profit by reducing the work hour.

The main advantage of our indexing conveyor is the easy-to-clean sanitary design and adjustable side guides for handling boxes of different dimensions. These conveyors are mainly designed for cartons, boxes, bottles, jars, and trays.


The Jantz Canada Advantage


Depending on the type of manufacturing activity, each solution is made to be flexible as possible and can be altered depending on production volume.


The base of our designs is accuracy since it is vital for manufacturing. Each indexing conveyor has been carefully designed using specialized precision automation to maximize accuracy.


Indexing Conveyor for Low & Large Volume

Due to precision automation’s ability to accommodate unique sizing, indexing conveyors can always be utilized for low-volume manufacturing. Manufacturing facilities can use a compact footprint for this reason.

while still ensuring quality. Additionally, it minimizes the margin of error and shortens indexing time so that operations can run efficiently while still maintaining optimum output levels.

Customizing the size of the indexing conveyor for a large volume of manufacturing needs provides different benefits for the customer such as reducing the labor cost and making it a cost-effective solution for increasing productivity.

We are one of the leading conveyor manufacturers in North America. Our world-class customer service and global presence can provide a cost-effective and reliable indexing conveyor system for your specific needs.

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