Jantz Canada as part of our value added service provides our clients with all types of industrial electrical service. This branch of our company naturally complements our mechanical installation service and millwrighting. Our knowledge of the food industry, combined with the skills of our dedicated service personnel, allow us to offer these specific solutions to our customers, as an example:

  • Installation of electrical and control wiring for new or relocated capital equipment.
  • Power monitoring and reporting to improve overall electrical efficiency and reliability.
  • Decommissioning of divested resources from existing or closing facilities in a safe manner;
  • Troubleshooting and repair of production machinery and instrumentation.
  • Updating of current equipment to meet new sustainability and efficiency targets.
  • Preventative maintenance programs and maintenance staff shift coverage.

Electrical/Pneumatic Control Cabinets

Industrial electrical service Design and construction of electrical and/or pneumatic control cabinets requires a details oriented approach. The personnel at Jantz Canada understand the importance of functionality, balanced with aesthetics, to ensure a satisfied customer when it comes to panel building. Building on our quality focused work ethic, along with our thorough documentation and testing protocols, is our extensive knowledge of the demanding environments of a food processing facility. Our work always adheres to the applicable standards of the application and geographical location, and will be CSA approved for installations in Canada as a standard. All panels will be powered up tested, and safely packaged for transit prior to shipment. Some of the applications of this service include:

A control cabinet can be built to your machine design specifications, or Jantz Canada can design & build it for you from concept; along with fabrication and mechanical assembly, Jantz Canada can assist you with your manufacturing needs, without the investment of a full service facility.

  • Replacement of used, non-compliant panels which are included with surplus assets to be recommissioned or purchased; panels can be overhauled if the components have not yet reached obsolescence.
  • Control cabinet back panels and doors can be precisely layed out for components with the use of our in-house laser cutter.
  • Stainless steel is our standard, but we can easily work with composite or painted steel options as well.
  • Fully licensed with the Electrical Safety Authority of Ontario (ESA); this ensures the product conduct of our personnel and adherence to the latest standards of safety.

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