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Line shaft conveyors are a great choice for packaging handling systems in different industries. It is a type of roller conveyor where the roller is driven by a line shaft. This design allows different rollers to operate with a single motor which makes it a cost-effective solution for moving heady loads.

The main two types of line shaft conveyors are gravity and powered. Gravity-line shaft conveyors use the gravitational pull to move the products along the line. On the other side, powered line shaft conveyors move the product by providing power to the rollers.

Conveyors with powered line shafts are more suited for moving big items over long distances. They may also be applied in situations where a product needs to be stored before being released later.


Jantz Canada is proud to offer its line of sanitary design shaft conveyors. Leading the industry in easy clean design and construction methods, our line shaft systems are built entirely from stainless steel and food-grade components and as such are suitable for wet wash-down environments.

They are also ideal where the customer desires a custom solution that will match in functionality and appearance of existing plant machinery.

Line shaft powered roller conveyor from Jantz Canada is an elegant solution in an area traditionally serviced by utility-designed off-the-shelf systems which no longer meet current sanitary design best practices.


Line shaft conveyors offer several advantages over other types of packaging handling systems. Here are some of the key benefits:

Cost-effective: Line shaft conveyors are well known for handling packaged goods in an economical way. The cost of installation and maintenance is decreased when the multiple rollers are powered by a single motor.

Versatile: Our line shaft conveyor is custom-made to fit different applications. They can be customized to handle products of varying sizes and weights and are able to operate in a curved path or a straight line.

Energy-efficient: The use of a line shaft to power the rollers reduces the energy required to move products along the line. This makes line shaft conveyors a more energy-efficient option compared to other types of conveyor systems.

Low noise levels: Line shaft conveyors produce minimal noise levels during operation. This makes them a suitable option for applications where noise levels need to be kept to a minimum.

Low maintenance: Because a single motor powers different rollers, line shaft conveyors require very little maintenance and downtime.


Line shaft conveyors are a popular choice for handling packaged goods in various industries. Jantz Canada has the experience and great expert team to design and install a line shaft conveyor that will fit your company’s manufacturing needs . 

Bring us your challenge, and we will develop a solution with your particular needs guiding the process. If your need requires a special design line shat conveyor for your industry, we have the know-how, the R&D department, and the shop capabilities to handle any potential obstacles. 



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