Meat and Pharmaceutical Equipment

Meat and pharmaceutical equipment requires precision, reliability and attention to demanding standards.

Jantz Canada has continually raised the bar in sanitary design for the meat and pharma industries. Easy clean designs include removable belts and carry ways, and conveyors that completely disassemble for thorough cleaning. Our cantilever designs allow for belt removal in minutes.

Machinery designed for this industry includes can seamer feed screws, telescopic depositors to change product orientation for freezers. Jantz Canada are also overhaul experts rebuilding machinery from the ground up.

Customers in these industry categories include Maple Leaf, CIBA Vision, Cardinal Meats, Vickers-Warnick, Lougheed Fisheries, Olymel, Jadee Meats, Westmorland, The Meat Factory, Medi-Inn, & Sargents Farms.

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