millwrightThe Millwrights of Jantz Canada are on site experts providing a wide range of services and support for our customer base. In addition to turnkey installations of our own system solutions, relocation of entire production lines is our specialty.

As well we offer full fabrication and design support for any changes that might take place during the installation process. We also provide the services of on site and sanitary pipe welding, rigging and equipment removal.

Consider a Jantz preventative maintenance service agreement at your facility to help avoid costly and unnecessary breakdowns.

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OYAPJantz Canada has a long standing partnership working with the Ontario Youth Apprentice Program (OYAP) and many of our current employees are success stories from this affiliation.

The program allows students in grade 11 or 12 to become registered apprentices through the Cooperative Education program while still completing their high school education. Whereas the industry in general is a very broad field our millwrights gain specific knowledge of packaging machinery, conveyors and robotics and how they relate to the food industry. They also get a wealth of hands on fabrication and machine building experience which allows them to grow into food industry specialists.

The opportunity to learn while working within our facility gives our apprentices unique insight into our position as the industry leader of sanitary design. It also provides them with a seamless transition between school and work life.