Millwrights are also known in the business as Industrial Mechanics. They are highly skilled individuals who can be involved with machine building, repairs, dismantling, and reassembling equipment in factories and on construction sites. Much of a millwright’s job can involve the installation and commissioning of new machinery as well as moving existing equipment within a facility or to a new location. Millwrights possess a diverse set of skills that enable them to deal with and solve potential issues as they arise. As such they are problem solvers. Daily tasks can be routine maintenance or the installation of an entire facility and everything in between so a millwright’s job description can be continually changing and evolving.

    • Typical skill set of a qualified millwright includes the following:
    • Ability to read and interpret 2D and 3D drawings, schematics, and service manuals to determine procedures.
    • Ability to operate rigging equipment including cranes, chain falls, and come-a-longs in order to safely and properly place equipment
    • Aligning and leveling of machinery
    • Basic MIG and TIG welding skills
    • Installation of machinery anchor points
    • Machine building such as fitting bearings, installing motors, and other drive components such as chains and belts. Fitting of sheet metal and structural parts. Understanding the types of materials used and how they interact with each other.
    • Knowledge of pneumatic components and electromechanical devices such as cylinders and solenoids.
    • Knowledge of hydraulic systems and components, valves, and pumps
    • Basic understanding of machinery wiring
    • Understanding of a wide range of hand and power tools
    • Knowledge of the proper use of measuring devices such as calipers, micrometers as well as laser-guided alignment tooling.
    • Understanding of how to perform required tasks in a safe and efficient manner.
    • Proper use of protective wear as necessary depending on the project requirements. This can include items such as gloves, hard hats, eye protection, and fall arrest lanyard but also extend to external items such as fire blankets and extinguishers and smoke eaters to handle welding fumes.

    All of the millwrights at Jantz Canada are certified to work at heights. We have years of experience working from ladders, scissor lifts, and boom trucks as the job necessitates.

    Our millwrights at Jantz Canada are certified forklift drivers.

    All of the Millwrights at Jantz Canada are also very experienced Machine builders. Being involved with machine building on a regular basis provides invaluable insight into troubleshooting potential problems on-site at a customer’s facility. Our millwrights are trained to build to the highest sanitary standards demanded by the food industry. This means that Jantz machinery is easy to clean and often disassembles without tools. Our staff has a high level of expertise in all types of conveying, and we build and install our in-house designed equipment. Bakery and confectionery are two areas of specialty. We have expertise in weighing and bagging equipment solutions and routinely design and install weighing platforms, scales, and baggers and connecting conveyors and vibratory equipment to feed them.

    Jantz continually works with our young millwrights to ensure they get the hours and class time required in order to get the certification. Customers can feel confident that they are getting the service of a skilled professional who has undergone years of technical instruction and thousands of hours of on-the-job training.



    OYAPJantz Canada has a long standing partnership working with the Ontario Youth Apprentice Program (OYAP) and many of our current employees are success stories from this affiliation.

    The program allows students in grade 11 or 12 to become registered apprentices through the Cooperative Education program while still completing their high school education. Whereas the industry in general is a very broad field our millwrights gain specific knowledge of packaging machinery, conveyors and robotics and how they relate to the food industry. They also get a wealth of hands on fabrication and machine building experience which allows them to grow into food industry specialists.

    The opportunity to learn while working within our facility gives our apprentices unique insight into our position as the industry leader of sanitary design. It also provides them with a seamless transition between school and work life.

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