Carrot palletizing and automation at Grimmway Farms


Jantz Canada is proud to announce that we are automating Grimmway Farms in Bakersfield California. The project will be an upgrade their carrot packaging facility. The project already started will conclude in early 2020.  Scope of the project will involve a distribution and accumulation system and automated palletizing for all their boxed and bagged products. [...]

Carrot palletizing and automation at Grimmway Farms2019-03-04T15:50:58-05:00

Cadbury Mini Eggs and Jantz Canada


It used to be that Easter was a time to look forward to certain sweet treats that you don't see at any other time of the year. Cadbury cream eggs and Cadbury mini eggs are some of the sweetest. Jantz Canada has been involved with both of these festive treats and our engineering and design [...]

Cadbury Mini Eggs and Jantz Canada2017-12-15T22:08:53-05:00

Potato Processing Machinery at Mart Produce


One of the best endorsements of well built potato processing machinery is longevity. The equipment that we built for Mart Produce in Rupert, Idaho is now five years old and still looks as good as new as the video promo from the facility shows. The long list of equipment designed, built and installed specific to [...]

Potato Processing Machinery at Mart Produce2017-08-22T17:35:30-04:00

Job Opening For Metal Finisher


We are currently looking for an experienced metal finisher to join our team. Position would be suitable for someone with autobody experience or someone with good grinding or polishing skills. Position requires a good eye and pride in workmanship as it is a key part of our manufacturing process. Position involves grinding, polishing and general finishing [...]

Job Opening For Metal Finisher2017-08-22T14:17:01-04:00

Upgrading Bakery Conveyors at Mondelez


This week, the installation of water cooled conveyor by the team at Jantz Canada began the final phase of a project almost 2 years in the making. There was a need to transfer this particular product to a different oven to allow for a higher rate of production explains Jantz president Robert Peto. This change [...]

Upgrading Bakery Conveyors at Mondelez2017-07-10T19:31:17-04:00

Designing a carton labeling reject conveyor with Markham Imaj


Jantz Canada has been working on a carton labeling reject conveyor system for the past few months alongside Markham Imaj Canada  for Mondelez International. Jantz Canada has more than 20 years of experience designing reject conveyor systems for metal detectors and bakery conveyors so Partnering with Markham Imaj for this application was a natural fit. [...]

Designing a carton labeling reject conveyor with Markham Imaj2017-05-29T17:42:51-04:00

Exhibiting Food Handling Machinery at (ADM) Toronto


Jantz Canada has a 25 year reputation for building the finest food handling machinery available and our new Vertical Bin Tipper is proving to be a welcome innovation in the industry. Leveraging our SR@ED department allows us to continually improve existing product lines and create new technology. We will be showcasing this new system at the [...]

Exhibiting Food Handling Machinery at (ADM) Toronto2017-05-18T18:49:25-04:00

Potato processing on Canada’s east coast


Jantz has unique expertise with potato processing machinery. Our dedicated products and specialized engineering skills have earned us attention from a growing number of potato farming operations. We combine our proven products and innovative customization skills to provide the best potato processing systems for clients across North America and around the world. We recently took our engineering, design and [...]

Potato processing on Canada’s east coast2017-04-24T19:37:07-04:00

Jantz Canada introduces heavy duty bin tipper for the fresh produce industry


Working with Grimmway farms in the US, Jantz Canada has developed the industries benchmark in bin tipping technology. With over a year of research, design and prototyping the result is both elegant and able to withstand the demands of daily industrial use. There are several features which sets this tipper apart from others on the [...]

Jantz Canada introduces heavy duty bin tipper for the fresh produce industry2017-01-31T00:16:31-05:00