Pallet Dispenser

Product Overview

A pallet dispenser also known as a destacker or pallet dispenser is a device typically used to dispense pallets from a stack one at a time to an automatic palletizing system or to a hand truck for manual operations.

It utilizes a magazine to allow a stack of pallets to be loaded into it with a forklift and a gripper assembly that allows a single pallet to be discharged to either a conveyor for automatic operation or to the floor for hand trucks. With an automatic palletizing machine, you can ensure that the operations run smoothly and efficiently, which makes the process of stacking more reliable in the long run.

The Jantz ADVANTAGE PD 4830 pallet dispenser is easy to set up and use and is ruggedly designed for everyday use. It handles pallets between 30” and 48” wide in either orientation.

Capacity – 12 pallets

Power – 230/460/575 VAC – 24VDC control

Air – 1 CFM @ 20 PSI typical

Finish – “Steel – It”

The Jantz Pallet Dispenser Machine Advantage

  • Competitively priced Adjusts for different size pallets in seconds without tools.
  • Discharges pallets to the rear or either side.
  • Can be used to dispense to a conveyor for automatic use with a palletizer, to the floor for manual use, or can receive pallets to be stacked operating in reverse mode.
  • Large standard capacity Rugged, and versatile.
  • Option to finish in any RAL color to suit your needs.
  • Easily integrated into Palletizer/Depalletizer controls.
  • Lower Pallet damage-related issues.

Jantz Canada’s position as the leader in sanitary construction techniques and machinery building across many industries gives us the unique ability to understand and adapt our products as needed to your industry’s specific needs. We are experts in material handling, conveyor systems and automation Integrating new machinery and technology into existing systems is one of our specialties.

Jantz pallet dispensers are designed with the latest technology, which makes them convenient to maintain and use. They are built with sensors that detect the pallet and dispense them automatically, eliminating the need for manual stacking. Our pallet dispensing machines are designed to handle pallets of various sizes and types, making them a versatile addition to your facility.

Our pallet dispensers are designed to resist even the most demanding work environments, ensuring that they will last for many years to come. They are equipped with safety features to protect the employees from workplace accidents. This will make sure that you are providing a safe work environment using our automatic palletizer machines.

At Jantz Canada, we’re known for providing high-quality services and products at affordable prices. You can trust our more than 35 years of experience with material handling to develop a solution that will boost your productivity.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient way to handle pallets in your facility, an automatic pallet dispenser is the way to go. Our exceptional customer service and expert team are always available to answer any questions you may have and provide guidance on selecting the best pallet dispenser for your specific needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our pallet dispensing system and how we can streamline your manufacturing needs.

Different Options

  • Pallet conveyors.
  • Upgrade to higher pallet capacity.
  • Safety perimeter guarding.
  • Stand-alone controls.
  • Installation.

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ADVANTAGE PD – 4830 Technical specs

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