One of the best endorsements of well built potato processing machinery is longevity. The equipment that we built for Mart Produce in Rupert, Idaho is now five years old and still looks as good as new as the video promo from the facility shows. The long list of equipment designed, built and installed specific to this facility included

  • 90 and 30 ton Evenflow storage bins. The 90 ton bins were designed for the receiving line and were lined with UHMW for even product flow and gentle handling. The smaller 30 ton bins were holding tanks for sized product.
  • Grading tables are a key piece of potato processing machinery. Roller inspection tables were supplied with cull chutes and self cleaning flip out rollers. These tables also had integrated light hoods and blue rollers for maximum visibility of defect.
  • Box accumulation system. A buffering system was designed to accumulate one pallets worth of boxes before releasing them to the Robotic Palletizer.
  • Box Palletizing System. A system was designed specifically for Mart produce to accept a pallets worth of 50 lb. boxes from two lines simultaneously building two pallets at the same time. This two in two out system never sits idle as it is capable of moving to whichever line is presenting product for maximum speed.
  • Bag Palletizing System. This system was designed to palletize 50 lb. baler bags. Just as the box lines this is a two in two out system which palletizes two SKU’s at the same time picking from whichever line that has product choosing the fastest solution to building the pallet. In the case of both these systems we were palletizing to plastic slip sheets rather than actual pallets.
  • Our Telescopic Slipsheet Depositor is a unique piece of potato processing machinery designed for this facility. It places slip sheets into the palletizing cells and then retracts as to not interfere with the robots job. It also increase the overall speed of the cell since the robot itself is not required to pick the sheet which is a time consuming procedure.
  • Conveyors. The various components of this system were linked together with hundreds of feet of Jantz Canada’s Modular Produce Conveyors. The conveyors included multi lane conveyors with product sweeps, inclined flighted conveyors, and telescopic conveyors feeding a manifold designed to enable any bin in the system to supply any line at any time or to combine lines when desired.