Process Equipment Reconditioning

Jantz Canada offers full equipment reconditioning and upgrading service. The process starts with:

  • Location of a suitable piece of machinery that can be upgraded for the customer’s needs or an assessment of their existing machinery.
  • Engineering (where required) to adapt for new use or different product handling
  • Disassembly of all mechanical components
  • Glass bead blasting of Stainless Steel components or
  • Dry ice or sand blasting of painted machinery
  • New paint. Typical finish is “Steel It” stainless steel pigment paint. “Steel It” is a cost effective coating that protects against corrosion and resists wet wash down environments.
  • Inspection and replacement of worn commercial components
  • Inspection and replacement where necessary of worn fabricated components
  • Assembly
  • Controls and testing
  • Installation and commissioning

Equipment reconditioning and upgrading at Jantz Canada is a start to finish process where every effort is made to achieve the result of machinery that operates as new.

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