Product overview

A robotic welding cell is a self contained system designed to automate the welding procedure of a part or parts. It is a very cost effective means to increase product output, quality and consistency. It consists in its simplest form of a robot, a welding source, a programming station and perimeter guarding to protect the operator and bystanders. Many options are available including:

  • Turn tables so that one part can be prepared while a second is being welded.
  • Torch cleaners/wire clippers so that the welder is always ready and in the optimal condition to begin welding.
  • Through the arc seam welding which allows the robot to adjust for any inconsistencies in the fit of the joint automatically.

A pre engineered welding cell has had all the guess work of a custom solution eliminated. It has been tried and tested and the capabilities and limitations are known. As a result it is a much more cost effective solution for many applications.

Robotic Welding cells in a production environment typically replace three to four people and the payback period can be as little as one year with a pre engineered solution.

Robotics conveyors packaging machineryJantz Canada’s WC-750 Pre Engineered Welding Cell has a large fixture table that can handle parts and assemblies up to 750 lbs and up to 32” x 58” in size. Longer parts up to 90” x 6” can also easily be accommodated. Our decision to use Kuka robotics means that anyone familiar with windows based PC controls will easily be able to learn to program the cell.

The Jantz Advantage:

The servo driven turntable can be configured to handle 2,4,6 or more fixtures as needed. Programming is simple since the turntable acts as an additional axis to the robot. Kuka and Fronius integrate seemlessly and programming is done through simple windows based controls. The KUKA robotics system is easily expandable meaning that as production volume increases the Jantz WC-750 can be adapted and integrated with part feeding and palletizing options giving it the ability to be fully automated without the need for expensive additional software and controls. Jantz Canada’s position as the leader in sanitary construction techniques and machinery building across many industries gives us the unique ability to understand and adapt our products as needed to your industries specific needs.

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