Product overview

Bakery conveying is where business begins at Jantz Canada and we are experts in wide belt conveying. For more than 25 years Canada has trusted Jantz to keep their products moving. Our expertise covers all areas of baking including cookies, crackers, cakes, pies, and bread. Jantz Canada has been building cooling conveyors for bakeries across Canada since before stainless steel was the material of choice in the industry. Telescoping conveyors to feed multiple lines, stacking conveyors, re-pitching conveyors, retract conveyors for quality control/metal detection dumps and water cooled conveying are just a few of our specialties. Whatever your needs, the design team at Jantz Canada has you covered.

Retracting/telescoping conveyor

Above all else, Jantz Canada is the bench mark for sanitary design in the bakery industry. GMP covers, swing down catch pans, quick release belts, easily removed key lock rollers and guards are just some of the features that are offered in all of our bakery conveyor solutions.

Wire belt conveyor

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Bakery conveyor

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