For the better part of a year Jantz Canada has been working on a large material handling project for Mart Produce in Rupert Idaho. The system which will store, distribute and bag or box bulk potatoes consists of several distinct equipment solutions. The first part is modular storage bins known in the industry as evenflow bins. These will hold the potatoes as they are unloaded from the trucks prior to sizing. From there the potatoes get put through a sizer which culls out any potatoes with defects and separates them into smaller evenflow bins by size where they will await bagging or boxing. From these storage bins a complex manifold of conveyors allows the potatoes to be distributed to any of the weighers or baggers in the facility. The carton accumulation system insures that the Palletizers always have a steady flow of product. These palletizers will neatly stack bags or boxes on pallets or slip sheets to await shipping. The resulting finished system will handle up to 186,000 lbs of potatoes per hour.