Robotic Bag Palletizer

Product Overview

Automating the palletizing of bags and gaining more return on investment

A Robotic Bag Palletizer or robot stacker offers several key advantages over manual and conventional palletizing.  A Robotic Bag Palletizer requires less floor space than conventional systems and has the ability to handle multiple products at the same time.  It can accommodate different pallet patterns and product types.  A single robot can handle up to 4 different SKUs simultaneously.  When combined with a moving truck, 8-12 SKUs can be handled by a single robot.  Rates of up to 18 bags per minute can be possible with a single robot system. Whatever your palletizing needs, Jantz Canada has the solution to keep your operation running at peak efficiency.

Robotic Bag Pallatizer

Systems can also include the following options:

  • Pallet dispenser
  • Slip sheet dispenser
  • In-line stretch wrapping

 When compared to manual palletizing, labor costs are significantly reduced and costly repetitive stress injuries are eliminated for an automatic palletizer machines. Palletized bag means consistent stacking regardless of the skill or experience of the operator.  Robotic Palletizers can easily be integrated directly with automatic stretch wrappers to prevent damaged products during transit.

Another great advantage of using a palletizing equipment is that it ensures a consistent and uniform stacking pattern, which not only makes the pallets easier to transport but also reduces the risk of damage to your products during shipment. Our bag palletizers can also be customized to fit your specific needs, including the number of bags per pallet, pallet size, and stacking pattern.

 Process Flow:

To the left or right of the robotic arm, an operator physically installs empty pallets with slip sheets in the designated location on the floor. At the end of the bagging line, another pick conveyor receives the filled bags after they have passed via a flattening conveyor, accumulation conveyor, and pick conveyor. The robotic arm picks up the bags and equally distributes them on the barren pallet. After the pallet is filled, a forklift operator will take the palletized bags from the cage.


  • Space-saving palletizing cell with high-paced production rates and cost-effectiveness.
  • Low-cost palletizing robot and slip sheet handling.
  •  Able to build from two infeed conveyors to two stacking positions and make it possible to pick products in rows for high speed.

Industries We Serve

  • Agriculture
  • Pharmaceutical & Medical
  • Industrial
  • Food 

Our robotic bag palletizer is an excellent investment for any business looking to improve their palletizing process. With its advanced technology, flexibility, and ease of integration, our palletizer is the perfect solution for any industry. Contact us today to learn more about how our bag palletizing robot can benefit your business.

Robotic Bag Palletizer

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