Robotic Welding

Robotic welding offered by Jantz Canada is a fast and cost-effective solution for any business that deals in repetitive type welding. If you have thousands of parts to weld you can free up a valuable resource by outsourcing to Jantz Canada. Jantz’s 6-axis robot can handle straight welding or cylindrical objects

Supply your own jigs or Jantz can design them to suit. Because a part is always being loaded while welding is being performed on the second station turnaround time is greatly reduced. Our welding is smooth and consistent, leaving a perfect finish to the workpiece. Regardless of the size of your project or what you are trying to create, our robotic welding system provides consistency, reliability, and quality all the time.

Advantages of Robotic welding

Time Saving -Robotic welding in some applications takes less time to move the welding torch from one seam to another within the same workplace than manual welding. And because a part is being loaded while one is being welded time is further reduced.

Consistency: Compared to manual welding every part welded robotically will be virtually identical. This means length of welds and size will be consistent in a way a human operator cannot match.

Safety: While welding, there is more chance of human exposure to toxic fumes and hazardous environments. with robotic welding applications, this danger can be prevented.

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