Product overview

Inspecting fresh produce prior to packaging is critical to quality control and roller inspection tables are the key to accomplishing that task efficiently.

Roller inspection tables from Jantz Canada are ideal for visual inspection and manual culling and grading of potatoes, carrots, onions, beetroots and fruit. All inspection tables from Jantz Canada feature heavy duty construction throughout whether built from recommended stainless steel or powder coated mild steel. The functionality of the table is simple: Rollers attached to pins on a heavy duty chain rotate as they move forward, spreading the product evenly and turning it at the same time for easy visual inspection.

Tables are available with one of two roller diameters depending on size of product being graded. 2-3/8” diameter is standard while 1.9” is also available.

All Jantz Canada roller inspection tables utilize blue rollers to increase contrast and help with spotting defects. Our inspection tables also feature a flip down roller which helps eliminate any debris from the inside of the table. They all also feature an integral light and reflective hood to help with the culling process.

Inspection tables are available in a multitude of lengths and widths to suit any application. Whether it’s a single table or a dual divided tables with multiple cull chutes or center chutes, Jantz Canada has a product to fit your needs. Our tables can be supplied with CIP (clean in place) options that allow the table to be very easily washed down ensuring trouble free performance for years ahead.

Jantz Canada are conveying specialists so product from the cull chutes can easily be carried away to storage bins, waste trucks or any other point in the processing line. Elevated platforms are also an option depending on the layout of the processing line.

Machinery from Jantz Canada is always an investment in fresh thinking.