Safety guarding and GMP dust covers

Product overview

Safety guarding and dust covers are an important part of any mechanical installation especially in industries where food is involved and where people are interacting with machinery in close quarters. For years Jantz Canada has been supplying custom made GMP dust covers and guarding to a wide range of industries. Guards are available in Lexan, stainless or mild steel, wire mesh or a combination of materials to suit the particular customer’s needs. They can be fixed, service removable or hinged for access to the machinery. In cases where the guards need to be opened for cleaning or maintenance, electrical interlocks can be supplied. GMP dust covers are typically designed to be opened for cleaning purposes but if placed high enough above the machinery to allow access for cleaning can be fixed in place.

All guards meet these minimum general requirements:

Prevent contact: The safeguard will prevent hands, arms, and any other part of a operator’s body from making contact with dangerous moving parts.

Secure: Operators will not be able to easily remove or tamper with the safeguard. Guards and safety devices will be made of durable material that will withstand the conditions of normal use. They will be firmly secured to the machine.

Create no interference: The safeguards will allow the operator to perform the job quickly and comfortably without impeding performance. Proper safeguarding may actually enhance efficiency since it relieves the operator’s apprehensions about injury.

Allow safe lubrication: Where possible guarding will be designed so that workers will be able to lubricate the machine without removing any covers.

Safety guarding and GMP dust covers

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