Sanitary Mezzanine Floor

Product Overview

When utilized in an industrial facility a mezzanine floor or “mezzanine platform” as it is often referred to is an inexpensive way to add additional manufacturing or storage space without the cost and downtime associated with building renovations. Platforms can be for equipment only, can be designed to accommodate people for service to the machinery, or can be full-fledged work areas in their own right.


All of the mezzanine floor designed and manufactured by Jantz Canada is a one-of-a-kind solution specific to the customer’s needs, sanitary guidelines, and budgetary concerns. As such, they can easily be made to fit around pre-existing equipment, building columns, etc.

Jantz Canada is the answer when the client desires the structural work in their facility to meet the same stringent sanitary guidelines that our equipment and conveyors are designed to exceed. The resulting mezzanine platform will not only look great but will be designed with ease of cleaning in mind and to have minimal places where bacteria could potentially collect.

Many considerations need to be taken into account when designing a mezzanine floor.


  • Load capacity What is the maximum weight the structure will need to support and is the load concentrated in one or more spots or is it spread out?
  • Load type-static or dynamic Is the load moving or vibrating in some way or is it just storage?
  • Wet wash-down or dry product facility Facilities such as meat, poultry, or seafood, and fresh produce typically wash all of their equipment. As such any structural work in these facilities should ideally be made from 100% stainless steel if any sort of cleaning chemicals are to be used. For dry environments, powder-coated steel design offers durability and cost savings.
  • Length of free span between columns Often production facilities wish to use the space below a mezzanine for storage. In this case, minimizing the number of columns is one of the primary goals. The primary disadvantage of this is cost. Since the main support structure will need to be increased in size to compensate for the longer spans, the cost can increase quite dramatically; especially if stainless steel is the prime material.
  • Decking material  Can be fiberglass or metal grating, aluminum or stainless steel checker plate. Each can have its own advantages. Stainless steel that seems welded after installation is the best sanitary option.
  • Separate or formed kick plate A less expensive option is a separate kick plate whereas a formed version integral to the decking material will contain any spilled product so if contamination to the level below is a concern the formed version is the best option.
  • Type of Handrail Handrails can be as simple as angle iron uprights and runners to fully welded and polished stainless steel tubes. There are many options available each with its own associated advantages and costs.


Jantz Canada Mezzanine Floor


  • On-time delivery
  • simple bolt-together construction
  • Great quality 
  • Cost-effective
  • Double your floor space easily



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