Slip Sheet Dispenser


Product Overview

A slip sheet dispenser is a specialized type of pick and place unit. Palletizing typically requires cardboard sheets (slip sheets) to be added throughout the process to prevent damage to the product.

Generally, there is a slip sheet known as a nail guard placed on the empty pallet to prevent damage from possibly protruding nails and to keep the product from potentially getting dirty. There are also typically slip sheets called tier sheets inserted in between each layer packed on the pallet. Lastly, sometimes it is desirable to have a top tier or cap sheet on the top layer as an added measure of protection for the bundle.

Why Use a Slip Sheet Dispenser ?

 The slip sheet dispenser handles all of these tasks. It is designed to automatically pick up a cardboard sheet from a magazine travel up and over to where the pallet is and deposit directly on it or on the next layer as need be. This is accomplished with a vacuum head that consists of a vacuum generator and a series of suction cups arrayed in a suitable pattern designed to keep the sheet stable while moving. The vacuum head is mounted on a vertical linear guide with movement supplied by an air cylinder and that entire sub-assembly is mounted on a horizontal linear guide with movement supplied by a gear motor.

The slip/tier sheet dispenser is a simple system that provides time and cost savings, adds product protection, and gives a degree of accuracy not achievable with manual handling. This can help reduce the risk of injuries and improve workplace safety. The Jantz Advantage TS 4840 dispenser was specifically designed to integrate with an existing palletizer but can easily be modified for almost any application.

In addition, slip sheet dispensers will help save costs on storage and transportation. Because slip sheets require less space than pallets, you can fit more products into a container or truck, reducing the number of trips required and lowering your transportation costs. Slip sheets are also more cost-effective than pallets, which can be expensive to maintain and purchase .

If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient way to dispense slip sheets, Jantz Canada’s slip sheet dispensers are the perfect option for you.  With their user-friendly controls, automatic sheet feeding, and robust construction, they are the ideal solution for any business that wants to streamline its operations and save money.

Benefits of Slip Sheet Dispenser 

  • Reduce labor strength
  • Increase productivity 
  • Cost Effective
  • Save Time



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