Automated Cake Line


Saxby Foods in Edmonton, Alberta contacted Jantz Canada to propose a turn-key solution with a goal of significantly improving labour productivity in their cake decorating baked goods business.  Their existing line had a maximum throughput of 14 cakes per minute and this rate required a substancial amount of manual labour.  Not only was their existing [...]

Automated Cake Line2010-08-20T15:37:39-04:00

Telescopic Depositor Conveyor


Cardinal Meats contacted Jantz Canada in 2008 with the challenge of designing and fabricating a machine capable of a right angle transfer of 300 hamburger patties per minute. The customer had previously explored other manufacturers but none would commit to the high transfer rate or building within the constraints of the available floor space. Jantz [...]

Telescopic Depositor Conveyor2010-08-17T11:39:44-04:00

Automated Pick And Place Machine for Absorbent Pads


Jantz Canada was approached by The Meat Factory  to design and build a custom insertion machine for absorbent pads for meat trays. These are the pads used to absorb the unwanted liquid from the meat.The new automated solution was intended  to replace the current manual operation which took a minimum of one dedicated employee.After viewing [...]

Automated Pick And Place Machine for Absorbent Pads2010-07-16T09:45:55-04:00

Combining continuous and batch processes


Cadburys approached Jantz Canada with the challenge of combining the continuous process of forming chocolate egg cores with the batch process of applying the candy shell coating.Up until this time they had been offloading the chocolate cores manually into trays for storage purposes. When ready for coating they would be loaded by hand into the [...]

Combining continuous and batch processes2010-06-14T13:17:50-04:00

Automated assembly machine for oral swab (Swabettes) intensive care toothbrushes


Jantz Canada was approached by Medi-Inn looking for an automated solution to assemble swabettes. Swabettes are disposable single use sanitary toothbrushes used in intensive care areas of hospitals. The finished Swabette consisted of a die cut foam brush for the head and a plastic stick handle which needed to be glued into the brush to [...]

Automated assembly machine for oral swab (Swabettes) intensive care toothbrushes2010-05-17T21:18:01-04:00
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