Line Shaft Conveyor


Product Overview


Line shaft conveyors are mainly used for the packaging handling system and one of the great advantages of line shaft roller conveyors are cost-effective and easy to install.

Jantz Canada is proud to offer its line of sanitary design shaft conveyors. Leading the industry in easy clean design and construction methods, our line shaft systems are built entirely from stainless steel and food-grade components and as such are suitable for wet wash-down environments.

They are also ideal where the customer desires a custom solution that will match in functionality and appearance of existing plant machinery.

Line shaft powered roller conveyor from Jantz Canada is an elegant solution in an area traditionally serviced by utility-designed off-the-shelf systems which no longer meet current sanitary design best practices.


Benefits of Line Shaft Roller Conveyor

  • Easily ceasing the product allows accumulation to occur. When the product is halted, the spool is intended to slide down the drive shaft. The elastic drive band (belt) tension, not the weight of the product, determines the amount of friction between the drive shaft and the spool.

  •  Long conveyor stretches, complete with bends and attachments, can be operated by a single motor. The line shaft can be bent and slightly incline by adding u-joints.


    Stainless steel line shaft conveyor

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