Recently I had the opportunity to visit the Westbrook Systems manufacturing facility and observe our Advantage WC-750 Pre Engineered Welding Cell in action. I wanted to speak with the people that use it on a daily basis and get a feeling of whether or not it was living up to their expectations that they had for the system since installation a year prior. Since Jantz ships equipment world wide, it was also a rare opportunity to see how the system was standing up to daily use in a harsh welding environment.

Having certain pre conceived notions as to expected wear and tear I had to admit I was pleasantly surprised. The system looked as good as new despite thousands of hours of use which is testament to the durability of the welding cell and to the quality of management at the Westbrook facility and the care they put into their daily operations.

Speaking with Michael Nywening he had nothing but positive feedback about the system and his feeling was that the WC-750 would be able to meet their growth for years to come; so much so that they have not had a need to run the system that the Jantz cell replaced. His feeling was that Westbrook has only scratched the surface of what the Advantage system is capable of.  The machine’s operator spoke of how simple and easy the Jantz welding cell is to operate and maintain.

The initial goal at Jantz was to design a system that had the potential to allow the customer to explore new directions and opportunities rather than just improve upon the existing system. Utilizing technology from Kuka and Fronius was a key part of this vision. Seeing it in action and talking with all involved was enough to convince me that we not only accomplished but exceeded our original goals and expectations. As a company owner that was the best kind of feedback possible.

Robert Peto
Vice President
Jantz Canada