Table Top Conveyor

 Product Overview

Table-top conveyors are also referred to as flat-top conveyors and are mainly used in various industries to move goods and other materials from one point to another. They have a flat surface with slats or chains that move along a controlled track, resulting in simple and effective transportation.

The Jantz Canada Table Top Conveyor Advantages:

A table-top conveyor belt is a crucial part of any table-top conveyor. It is a durable and flexible belt that runs along the conveyor’s surface, offering a solid and reliable platform for the goods being transported. The table-top conveyor belts are designed to withstand high speeds, heavy loads, and difficult operating conditions, which makes them suitable for a wide range of applications.

In addition, high-quality premium materials are used to build our table-top conveyor belt, ensuring greater durability and lifespan. They are available in various configurations and sizes, making them suitable for different applications. If you are looking for a straight conveyor, a curved conveyor, or a custom-designed conveyor, we have got you covered.

Jantz Canada’s easy-clean Table Top chain conveyors exceed industry requirements for sanitary design. By minimizing contact areas between components the result is less costly and easier to clean and reduced the potential for bacteria harbourage. Table Top Conveyor typically utilizes a thermoplastic chain which helps protect product containers from scuffing while its low frictional properties minimize lubrication and horsepower requirements. For heavy-duty applications steel or stainless steel chain is available. Table top conveyor is easily adapted for accumulation, single filing, merging, or diverting type situations.

Table top conveyor is available in 3-1/4″, 4-1/2″, 7-1/2″. 10″ & 12″ chain widths.

The industry’s most widely used chain also supplies the widest variety of industrial applications including:

  • Glass, Plastic or metal container handling
  • Package handling
  • Food processing
  • Parts processing
  • Beverage
  • Dairy
  • Brewing

Whatever the product is being moved, the tabletop conveyor is often the preferred choice. It comes in a wide selection of materials and widths for virtually any application and its system flexibility and reliability keep productivity high and downtime low.

Jantz Canada table top conveyor is available in a formed channel design or raised carry-way sani-deck style.

At Jantz Canada, customer satisfaction is our main objective. We work hard to deliver outstanding products, great service, and cost-effective solutions to meet the needs of our clients. Whether you are in the food and beverage industry or any other industry that requires reliable material handling, we have the expertise and products to meet your requirements. Contact us today to discuss your requirements or to learn more about our tabletop chain conveyor.


Product Specifications

Body construction

  • 12 Ga 304 stainless steel. 8” deep angle sides with open top
  • or 12 Ga 304 stainless steel inverted U-frame with a closed top and raised carry way for sanitary applications

Drive section

  • SEW drives, shaft mounted eliminating the need for guarding
  • Stainless steel square shaft
  • Habiset or CRS drive sprocket

Tail section

  • Stainless steel square shaft mounted on bearings
  • or Idler sprocket mounted on a fixed shaft (depending on speed and product load)

Curved section

  • 12 Ga 304 stainless steel conveyor sides 24″ radius standard
  • Black REPRO inserts for carry ways and returns


  • AMI or RBL thermoplast housing bearings c/w stainless steel inserts and plastic dust caps suitable for wet washdown

Chain return

  • VALU-FLEX System from Solus is standard

Product guides

  • Fixed guides utilizing Valu-Guide rails and Jantz 12Ga stainless steel brackets
  • or Adjustable Valu-Guide components

Conveyor legs

  • 2”x2” heavy wallsquare tube frames with adjustable stainless steel feet
  • or Sanitary formed angle frames typically used for meat applications
Table Top Conveyor

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