Progressive Produce Corporation – James Leimkuhler

I would like to take a quick moment to acknowledge your installation team led by Mr. Steve Bates. Recently Mr. Bates and other team members from Jantz installed an Odenberg machine at our facility here in Los Angeles, CA. All of the members of the Jantz team were hardworking, polite and very well trained to do the work at hand. They had a lot of work to do in a short time span and they work tirelessly throughout the project and overcame the obstacles they needed to in order to have a successful installation.

I just wanted to acknowledge them to you and for you to know how much they contributed to our success and in turn, your success.


James K. Leimkuhler
5790 Peachtree Street



Lubosh Frynta – Nestle Canada Inc.

We began working with Jantz Canada in 2005. Since than they have never disappointed our expectations in terms of service, quality and professionalism. There are two impressions which in my mind will be always associated with this company:

There is no effort spared in attention to every detail.

Jantz stays on the job until everything works as promised.

Lubosh Frynta, P.Eng.
Engineering Manager
Nestle Canada Inc.


Bob Williams – Cadbury Adams

Our engineering team has worked with Jantz Canada for more than 5 years. During that time we have worked with them on many projects – small to large, simple to complex, often with the need for very quick delivery times. They have never let us down and have always satisfied all aspects of the project.

My complements go out to their organization and I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Cadbury Bob Williams Bob Williams
Engineering Manager
Cadbury Adams
Gladstone Manufacturing Site


westbrook greenhouse

Michael Nywening – Westbrook Greenhouse Systems

The Jantz Advantage WC – 750 Pre engineered welding cell has really opened up a lot of new business opportunities for us. Working with Jantz was a pretty smooth process and since integrating the welding cell into our facility we haven’t had any issues.

Automation Pre engineered welding cell Kuka Fronius MigAny trouble shooting was able to be done over the phone and we are quite satisfied with the service we received and the overall process.

Michael Nywening
Westbrook Greenhouse Systems



Saxby Foods
Jonathan Avis – Saxby Foods Ltd

We are extremely pleased with the recent processing equipment we purchased from your company to automate our decorated round cake manufacturing.

This was the first project done with Jantz and we were very impressed with the process your management personal followed though the design, pricing, building and installation stages.

The feeling of  trust, flexibility and adaptability prevailed throughout the project.  There were moments where we both had to accept minor design changes with cost increases  and I am pleased to say that your company  took it in stride and lived up to a turn key that met all the output design criteria as established from  the outset.

This was a “one of” design/ build automated line so we were obviously concerned at the beginning with Jantz’s ability to adapt to the building of cake manufacturing equipment, to stay within budget and to build a world class product with production cake output equal to or better than the leading cake line machine builders.

I am pleased to report  that collectively we were able to design and build a process increasing  current industry decorated cake output standards by 100%.

The cost of the project came in on budget and was installed on time.

In closing I would like to say that we  will have no hesitation in approaching your company to build additional  automated equipment for Saxby Foods and would like to take this opportunity to thank all the staff at Jantz for making this project so successful.

Jonathan Avis
Saxby Foods Ltd



Gary Huising – Sunrise Bakery

In regards to the work your group has done at Sunrise Bakery I personally want to take this opportunity to thank you. This was one of the largest projects we have undertaken with the least amount of issues.

The way you dealt with issues was very professional. I appreciated how you would explain the situation and help us to make the best decision to rectify the issue. From this experience I would not hesitate to work with Jantz again or recommend your services to any other company.

Gary Huising
Sunrise Bakery Ltd
Edmonton, Alberta


Greg Lougheed – Sunfish Solar

We are buying solutions for our Solar Tracker system from Jantz Canada. They sat down with our team discussed solutions, and two weeks later received the first machine. It worked perfectly. Great engineering on their part. We are now ordering multiple units. They have experience in the field, and you can see it in their products.

Greg Lougheed
SunFish Solar