The History of Jantz

Since its inception in 1989 Jantz Canada has undergone many changes both in capacity and focus of operations. Started primarily as a millwrighting firm Jantz grew in the 1990’s into a full service fabrication facility. During that phase dedicated engineering, sheet metal, welding and machining departments were created and the focus shifted to hiring individuals with the specialized skills to staff these departments. Designing and building our own equipment and conveyor systems primarily for the food industry became a key focus of daily operations

Throughout Jantz history, there has always been a commitment to stay current with manufacturing practices of the day and as such we have always invested heavily in machinery and software. 2000 saw the addition of CNC machining capabilities to our facility in order to keep up with ever increasing demands for quality. 2002-2003 was a period of dramatic transition for Jantz Canada as we invested in laser cutting to handle our sheet metal needs and changed over to Solidworks 3D design software in our engineering department.

The period of time between 1989 and 2007 saw three increases in the size of our facility going from the original 2000 square foot shop to 6000 to 17000 and then finally the current size of 23000 square feet. An increase in staff went hand in hand with the facility increases growing from 3 employees in 1989 to 35 as of 2005.

Continual advancement and commitment to growth helped propel Jantz over the years to the forefront as a solutions provider on the leading edge of sanitary design. In 2008 a dedicated electrical and controls department was formed giving Jantz the capability to handle virtually any size project completely internally. 2009 saw Jantz Canada complete its first robotics initiative and since then has become a prime area of new growth for the company.

Jantz Canada