The Jantz Advantage


We take great pride in the equipment we produce and our attention to detail and fit and finish is evident in every piece that we build.

Understanding the customers needs

With more than 20 years in the industry we are food handling experts and fully understand the daily challenges of clients.


Our focus is to provide our customers with a solution that fits their application and closely addresses their budget rather than finding a fit for our equipment at our pricing.

Turnkey solutions

Many of our customers appreciate that by picking Jantz Canada as their solution provider every detail of the project will be handled by one source. Our process of design, build, testing, installation and commissioning is standard practice on all of our system solutions and our innovative nature is apparent in our designs.


We install and service everything that we build. Our customers can rest assured that if any unexpected issues arise we will provide a rapid solution to the problem.

The people

All of our employees have been chosen not just because they excel at what they do but because they want to be a part of the great team environment here at Jantz Canada.

Research and Development

Jantz was built on change and we strive to embrace new techniques and processes. We welcome the opportunity to work hand in hand with our customers to develop systems to handle difficult products or unique situations. Continual growth of our knowledge base enables us to offer innovative solutions to any challenge.

Customer involvement

Customers are welcome at any point during design, build or testing of their equipment to visit our facility and see their project in progress.

Project Management

Jantz individually manages every project in our facility ensuring that we are able to react to customer requested design or delivery changes and ensuring that the project will be finished when expected

Rapid response

Our team at Jantz always makes every possible effort to handle customer emergencies and quick turnaround requests.