This week, the installation of water cooled conveyor by the team at Jantz Canada began the final phase of a project almost 2 years in the making. There was a need to transfer this particular product to a different oven to allow for a higher rate of production explains Jantz president Robert Peto. This change in turn necessitated diverting the cookies from one side of the facility to the other in order to get to the creaming department. Jantz Canada has been supplying bakery conveyors to Peek Freans and other Mondelez facilities for more than 20 years so this project was a natural fit. It ultimately involves multiple conveyors including a cooling tunnel, water cooled conveyor beds and retracting conveyors all outfitted with Jantz Canada’s Centreline belt trackers, GMP covers and catch pans. The work to be done in stages is expected to be completed sometime in October. One of the biggest challenges on a project such as this involves timelines and windows of opportunity. Because Peek Freans runs 24 hrs a day only typically stopping for cleaning we have to be ready for any opening that presents itself and take advantage of it when it happens. Its never a static environment is this type of facility. Schedules change and this is where Jantz Canada shines is in it’s ability to adapt in short order to stay on target.