TIG Welding Services 


 Jantz Canada specializes in high-quality stainless steel TIG (Heliarc) welding service to current sanitary and pharmaceutical standards. Our dedicated welding department provides fast turnaround of welded parts and assemblies.


Particular attention is paid to material preparation and handling of components to avoid possible cross-contamination when dealing with stainless steel. Since our prime area of focus is the food industry this attention to detail is of the utmost importance.

Type of Weld Joints Include


  • Edge Joint Welding             
  • T-Joint Welding
  • Butt Joint Welding
  • Corner Joint Welding

Jantz Canada provides a fantastic team of professionals to advance your fabrication service. Whether it’s a small weld repair or a big project, our welding expertise can handle all of your fabrication challenges.



 We offer aluminum and TIG welding services

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