Wire belt Conveyors

Product overview

Wire belt Conveyors are a specialized type of conveyor with a wide range applications.

See our gallery and video below of Wire belt Conveyors for the food industry

Due to their many advantages over traditional belt conveyors, wire belt is utilized in many applications for the food industry. With an open area as great as 86%, this type of conveyor belting is the easiest to clean and in almost all cases unlike fabric or rubber belt can easily be done in place without having to loosen the belt. Whether spray power washed or with an installed integral continuous cleaning system these systems are very low maintenance. There are virtually impervious to chemicals and will not absorb odours or flavours.

Wire mesh and belts are available in many configurations for virtually any application.

The minimal contact area makes it a perfect choice to handle coated products and the open area allows any excess to drain through the belt. The open design of the wires make it an obvious choice for cooling conveyors as it is virtually unaffected by high temperatures and it is easy to add additional through the belt air flow from a blower or cooling unit. Wire belting meets USDA and CFIA standards. With dozens of wire designs to choose from there is a wire pattern for virtually any application. Tight radius nosebar transfers for small or delicate products and retracting sections are easily integrated into your custom solution provided by the engineering team at Jantz Canada.

Wire Belt Conveyors

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