Jantz has unique expertise with potato processing machinery. Our dedicated products and specialized engineering skills have earned us attention from a growing number of potato farming operations. We combine our proven products and innovative customization skills to provide the best potato processing systems for clients across North America and around the world. We recently took our engineering, design and installation skills to New Brunswick, Ontario, to deliver and end-to-end potato processing solution.

potato manufacturing

Fermes E&D LEVESQUE Potato Farms specializes into growing, packaging, selling, distributing and exporting table stock and processing potatoes.

Located in Saint-André, close to Grand Falls in North Western New-Brunswick, Fermes E&D LEVESQUE Potato Farms is a 4th generation family business which specializes into growing, packaging, selling, distributing and exporting table stock and processing potatoes.

“There were many challenges that needed to be overcome but Jantz is ideally suited to meet those challenges.”

Jantz Vice President Daun Ferron says that while there were technical hurdles, the most critical challenge was time.

“Since this was a new joint venture and designs had to be made from scratch, the team at Jantz really had to pull together to get the many facets of this project handled. Typically projects of this size have months of engineering before any of the potato processing machinery hits the production floor but in this case, we simply didn’t have the time.”

Ferron credits the combined talents of the Jantz team for the accomplishment.

Different potato bags for sales, distribution & exportations

Fermes E&D LEVESQUE Potato Farms fills branded potato bags for sale to clients in the USA and Puerto Rico.

“We issued parts on the fly. That’s not something you would normally do but our design department and production team coordinated the project with precision.”

Jantz supplied a variety of potato processing machinery solutions for the busy New Brunswick potato farming operation.

“We supplied Evenflow bulk storage bins, conveyors, inspection tables and other structural components for this project.”

The Eastern Canada client has new capabilities and modern technology to streamline an otherwise difficult process.

“We’re incredibly proud of our team. They were able to meet a challenging deadline and work on the fly with accuracy. While we certainly appreciate more project time, the Jantz team can rise to the challenge of tight turns without compromise.”

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